As I sat down to write this earlier… my youngest son called.  It was after 11 pm. He had run off the road was the jist of his sporadic cell phone call.  “Come pull me out.  Bring a flashlight.” I understood that much and went and woke up Vernon.  Daniel was in the shower and rinsed quickly to come along.  Toria was already in her pajamas and in bed, but came out to hold vigil on the couch until we returned.  Bundled up, we trudged out to the pickup and drove down the road.  I assumed he had headed for the Mills Place where he spends the night alone.  He wasn’t there along the three mile stretch.  We returned and headed north this time, which made sense.  That’s the only place to get cell service.  I hadn’t heard the specifics of his call so I sent us on a wild goose chase.  There he was.  North of our turnoff just half a mile.  He had slid off while turning around after finishing a call to his girlfriend.  He apologized for the inconvenience.  But he was OK.  His Dakota was OK.  The sky was dark and full of blazing stars.  It was warm.  It took 5 minutes to pull him out.  He headed for his bed and we returned to ours.  A minor event.  But a Christmas blessing nonetheless.

We thank You for our health.  We thank You for all the blessings You continue to bestow upon this family.  We thank You for all the gifts we’ve received from You.  I received one tonight.
I hope you enjoy your blessings as well.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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