Today the English Shepherd breed is having a major good news/bad news day.  The good news is that today, a puppy miller/dog hoarder is being put out of business.  She has 200 English Shepherds at her place outside of Billings, Montana.  The bad news is that these dogs range from pups to 6 years old with human contact experience ranging from pets to wild ones who don’t know much about humans.  The bad news is that many of these dogs could be sick with distemper, parvo, and/or fleas and other things of nasty order.  The bad news is that 200 dogs and their care creates a massive operation.  I have volunteered to help where I can… though I struggle to remain aloof… 200 ways to break my heart, and I haven’t even looked into those ES eyes yet!

If you want to help, go here…
I have more to say on this, but will refrain for now.  If I suddenly disappear for a bit, I may just be in Billings, packing dog food and water and shoveling little piles of you-know-what.

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