While I was going through my traumatic evening last night… plans did continue and we did have our bonfire.
Remember the Cat that came through this fall?  This was a smaller pile she had left behind.

It took a little doing, but they managed to set it aflame.  I finally gathered myself together and went out to the party.

Good sized flame, eh?  I think I’ve talked about being a pyromaniac before… so like the proverbial moth, I *had* to go to this!
Within a few minutes, a good friend had me laugh while a tear trickled down my face… and I was grateful for the support and encouragement.  Fires and friendships… for me they are the true test.  If you can’t enjoy yourself while standing around staring at this…
When can you?
My private test for public persona… if I can’t see myself standing around a fire with them.. telling stories… exaggerating… laughing… crying… turning in the slow rotisserie style of heating yourself… then, I don’t seem to care for them!  Not like any famous person would care to stand around a campfire with me… but you get my drift.
Stare deeply into the fire, my friend.  What do you see?
Or… my favorite… look up, my friend, what do you see?
Trails of sparks sift up towards the stars.  We saw 3 meteorites falling down as well!
Like wild red grass blowing in the wind…
And an aside… for those of you that wrote your support for me and lost Dally, thanks.  I love that.  Soon after I let her inside this morning… admonishing the poor thing for whatever had happened while checking her out physically… I fed her.  Since Lucas was inside too, I closed the door to my mudroom and sat a gallon jug of water in front of it, so he wouldn’t even attempt to steal her food…  I then came to my computer and posted my update.  Soon a wet nose was nudging at my side and I unconsciously reached down and petted who I *thought* was Lucas.  Finishing my post I glanced down to see that it was Dally.  Now fed and escaped from the mudroom, pushing the jug out of her way, she had come to me to snuggle and look mighty pitiful!!!  Even though I laughed at her, she contentedly laid down by my side and sighed.  Welcome home, Dally Girl!

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