We made a flying trip to Billings today.  I hadn’t planned to go because originally it was just Vernon and Victoria going to Cody to finish up the paperwork on her new car.  But Vernon said since they would be halfway to Billings, why didn’t I go along and we’d figure out our cabinets.
See, 2 years ago, when we first bought the Mills Place, I came along a great deal… some great oak cabinets with a stainless sink and stove and dishwasher thrown in for $700.  I was proud of myself and the people said they bought them at Lowe’s … and it’d be easy to buy more to finish my kitchen whenever we got around to remodeling.
Guess what.  It isn’t easy after all.  While it looks like the stuff on Lowe’s website, when you get there, it isn’t the right cabinet.  I think we had this discussion the other day about having to drive so far to buy things.  Well, this time we drove 4 hours and then met up with this new dilemma.  We could buy the slightly different cabinets… which were cheaper made as well… and a slightly different redder oak color.  So we’d have mismatched cabinets.  Laminates that wouldn’t be able to be restained…  Here’s what I have.
Or!  We could buy all brand new hickory cabinets for $3800 with solid hickory doors and manufacturer’s warranty and full length pull on the drawers.  Now that’s what I wanted to do.
Here’s closeups of the two colorings of the hickory.
         or this….            
But does my already purchased flooring look ok with it?
Does my paint match?
Paints cheap I know, but good grief!  Now I’m all puzzled up, because I planned for oak cabinets… and I could buy oak cabinets too, for a difference of $200… I think it was $200.  I am so confused!
Don’t even get me started on countertops.  Well, OK.  My light one I had chosen didn’t look good with hickory, so the nice lady recommended these…
 which is greenish    which is really dark   which is medium
and these are gorgeous… which doesn’t come across on the screen.
We made the bar top yesterday… but I’m tired and will post that excitement tomorrow.
We had NASTY roads on the way home.  We are SO ready to go relax in bed and fall asleep.
Hey this was supposed to post last night… think I was too tired to hit the right button???

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