Bar Log

Up at the Mills Place is a sawmill.  Ped and Gary, the Mills brothers, both enjoyed working this sawmill.  Vernon had helped Ped a time or two, but had never run the saw.  Now, Gary wants to keep the sawmill, so we don’t own it, but ever since we’ve bought the place, my boys have wanted to try their hand at it.
The other day Vernon asked if Gary could cut us a log for the bar top in the new kitchen.
This is the Bar Log’s story.
The players:
Scruffy Daniel.
Patient (or is it impatient?)  Brandon
The sawmill and an old blade.
The tractor and its PTO (power take off) that spins the saw through various gears, belts, and other mechanical stuff that boggles my mind!
Gary Mills, who’s attention to detail and knowledge of logging and running this sawmill, hopefully will be absorbed by my boys.
Don’t forget the log!  Chosen for its size and number of knots, this log complete with its sawmarks, will soon be the bar between my kitchen and dining rooms.
After some practice runs…
Much debate…
Three logs…
Some sweating…
Some learning of new skills… like running the dog and fixing the sawdust chain…
The job is completed.
It turned out so gorgeous, I forgot to take a picture of it!  I did video it though, so stay tuned and I’ll post the video!
But this is SO cool.  Not everyone gets to saw out their own Bar Log!

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