Well, it needs 4 more cut panels and the little pantry yet… but I think I’ll declare the floor done!  It wasn’t that hard once we figured out seams and grout lines and centering and the 3 patterns we had to work with!  We made mistakes that cost us time and extra panels, but we *think* *hope* *pray* *cross our fingers* that we’ll barely have enough laminate to finish.
My knees (and knuckles) ache anymore… which I attribute to the coumadin I’m on, not that I turned 50!… and so, I’m glad to have this project over!  Too much kneeling and pounding!
Along the way, I did run out of paint.  That’s why there are white primer spots where cabinets will go, I was running out of paint.  Plus, Brandon keeps calling this color peach… and I’m not a peachy kind of girl… so I might put another coat of wood/sandy color over the top and into the mud room since the cabinets will be long in coming.

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