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I took OOPE pictures today…

I took video yesterday…
I received a new email from Cousin Robb for his Out of Scope segment…
I have also been playing this evening showing my sister Google Street Views while chatting on my computer.  If you didn’t know about this… you ought to check it out.  I waver between thinking how cool it is and how Big-Brother-ish and freaky it is!
Believe it or not, the old Upper Nowood Road (aka County Road 176) is on there too… so if you want to see where I live and the scenery around here…
Go to Google Maps… and if you want to see the 17 miles between here and Ten Sleep and its scenery… just type in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  You should see this:
You can click on Street View under the photograph and start there…and look around Ten Sleep.  OR!  See the little golden guy on the left?
This guy…  Click and drag him out of his corner.  Anywhere that lights up with a blue outline you can drop him and you’ll see the surroundings in real life.  Yeah.  360 degrees.  Up.  Down.  Around.  Freaky.
I live 17 miles south of Ten Sleep on what they call County Road 176 (though it hasn’t been called that for YEARS).  Drag this little guy along – dropping him on occasion just to check out the scenery.  You can also click on the white arrows to move just a little if you’d prefer.
My mailbox on Street View.
The Mills Place:
So this is cool in a way… but then again… type in your own street address and see if YOU like it???  I was trying to figure out the type of car they used… see the shadow???  It must be some spendy camera to take 360 degrees of photos while they drove along.
So if you are stalking me I just showed you how to find me… but if you don’t think you’ll ever make it to the wilds of Wyoming, you can come for a virtual visit courtesy of Google Maps.
Now go type in your own address.
Type in some friends’.
Type in where you lived as a kid.
Type in places you’ve always wanted to visit.
Do you think it’s is cool?  Or do you think it’s freaky that someone drove around these bazillion roads taking pictures???

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