Playing in the Snow

The boys returned to Laramie on Sunday to start their spring semester.  We’re always so proud that they’ve grown up to be hard-working men.
Then Daniel emails these pictures to me.
What is that quote you like, Toria?  “The greater the mind, the greater the need for play?”  Or some such Spock-ism like that…
Well, my boys have Great Minds!
And strong backs!!! Ha ha.
Daniel with the thumbs up… not so bad… are you really stuck???
Their friend, M.  Uh… there’s a tree in your way, M.  Good thing it’s a small one!
Brandon, for a tall guy… I’d say the snow is DEEP!  Were you sweating yet??
Daniel, you’ve GOTTA be kidding me!  That’s only the handlebars showing!  This pic just cracks me up!  It reminds me of that Jeep commercial from a few years back where you just see the bump of snow as the Jeep drives underneath.  Oh, this is FUNNY!
Push, Daniel, push!
Oh, my goodness!  I just had to share these… they made me laugh!  I’m glad we grew hard-working men, so they could dig themselves out!

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