Dally Learns (Hopefully!)

I made this video the last week… The boys were still here and two friends, L. and S., helped us out that day as well.  Our work is done, so we kick these steer calves out of the corral and take them into the field between my house and Johnny’s house.

I start off with Dally on a leash.  Note the calf kick quickly towards the beginning of the video.  Dally had bit him, but I missed it on my camera.  Actually, I missed a lot with my camera… I’m just not too good at aiming it while action is going on!  I then let her go and she did great for a minute, then she wouldn’t come back, too bad I had dropped the short leash in the gunk, I would have reminded her to listen better to me.  The calf took care of that for me though!
I also talk too much to my dogs in this video.  I tend to do this while people are around, lest they think I’m not correcting my dog… but I think it just makes me sound like I have no control.  Sometimes I don’t!  But had I been alone, I would be much less concerned with some of the stuff the dogs did!  I’m always worried about what other people think of my dogs… I should just shut up!
I regained control of the leash… but Dally protests her inactivity!  It cracked me up! I need a longer long line, but that’s what I had in my pocket.  I hadn’t planned ahead.  I’ll try this some more tomorrow as we’re pouring and vaccinating our cows.
I give up.
It is taking too long for either youtube or vimeo to get my video up, so I’ll post the actual video tomorrow.  Sorry!  But it is past my bedtime!

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