More Preparations

Along with pulling up the electric fence wire, our preparations for calving included cleaning the calving shed.  The red shed is easily seen from my house through the boxelder trees.  It is a five minute walk from here.
Soon we’ll be putting our heifers, 60 of ’em, in here every night.  We’ll sort off the ones that are closest to calving… and keep them in the corral overnight.
They’ll be checked at 10 pm.
And  2 am.
And 6 am.
The pens are south facing.  Gathering that weak sunlight as much as possible.
There are also two inside pens for those cold cold nights.
In this room are kept supplies like iodine, calf pullers, plastic gloves, and boluses.
And my favorite.
Although cracked, this stove does its job of warming the interior pens.
If it was in perfect health, I would have stolen it years ago and put it in my house.  It is the most gorgeous little stove I’ve ever seen.
Look at the detail.
I am drawn to Celtic art… and this stove echoes those designs.
Hickory Pennant No. 25, The Michigan Stove Co., Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo, New York City.
On the side it says 1898.
Oh, my!  1898!  Even if that is just the date of the patent… wow.
Even the top has decorations.
I thought maybe those were hickory leaves… my knowledge of southern trees is sorely lacking.  But as far as I can figure, they aren’t.
But I did learn one thing while trying to figure that out… I didn’t realize pecans were hickory trees.  How did I miss that along the way?  Born in Oklahoma, but only visiting it throughout my lifetime… I’ve seen my share of pecan trees.  But I learned that on Wikipedia.  Genus Carya.  Learn something new everyday.
I definitely know fresh pecans cannot be compared, in any way, shape, or form with those pathetic things they sell you in the grocery store.
I know Kiowa pecans and Pawnee pecans are great.
I am extremely grateful for relatives that send us fresh pecans every fall.
I even ordered hickory cabinets for my new kitchen at the Mills Place.
The Hickory Pennant stove is now cleaned up, ready for another calving season.
Beware little spider… your web is in danger… Charlotte?  You better move on…

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