I took Elsa to my vet today to get her OFA done…  Finally, I accomplished that goal!
I was late starting out because Elsa is standing as of this morning… and I hoped she and Lucas would uh… consummate their relationship.  But I had an appointment to keep and couldn’t afford to give them the amount of uh… foreplay time they needed!  So, she’s still uh… not knocked up!  Gees… maybe I should have looked up some technical terms to help me out here.
The morning was gorgeous.  I eventually had to pull over and take a snapshot of the diamond snow.
This quickie doesn’t do it justice.   Oops.  Quickie.  Where is my mind?
It was bea-u-ti-ful.  But it looks rather plain here.
We made it to the vet’s… Where I took this …

Somedays, Elsa, the world is your oyster and a hot guy thinks you hung the moon.  Then someone steps in and smears that perfect picture into pooey.  Sorry to have ruined your day and your mood.   But it is for the best… and for the breed knowledge database… and gees.  I really hate it when you look like that.  Life isn’t always full of sparkles.

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