Last week we traveled over the Big Horn Mountains to deliver my daughter’s new Ford Escape to her in Buffalo, Wyoming.  90% of my trips over this mountain are enjoyable, 10% are the kind where your knuckles hurt after driving it!

Ten Sleep Canyon is an impressive stretch of highway with switchbacks and a runaway truck turnoff.  In other words, it is quite the grade!  Many people unused to mountain driving often overheat their brakes on their vehicles coming down this road.  Lots of unfortunate accidents have happened here.  But if you can get past the driving experience, the scenery is breathtaking.
Ten Sleep Canyon is becoming more well known amongst the rock climbing crowd.  Ice climbers sneak up to the waterfall on many winter days.  People cross country ski and snowmobile.  There used to be a successful ski area and restaurants.  There are lots of scenic turnouts for people to stop and take pictures.  And I’m still one of them after living here for 27 years!
See if you agree…

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