One More Time

Well, sure ’nuff… The pump wasn’t working this morning.  My first order of business… a quick shower and a not-so-quick “run” to Worland.  The snow was falling and the 18 miles to Ten Sleep were slick.  The increased traffic on the stretch between Ten Sleep and Worland had worn off the skiff of snow and I could drive 65 again.
I made my purchases and returned home as soon as I could.
New electrical wire, new pump, new box.  By golly, it otta work this time!  We have fought with this well repeatedly.  Vernon decided to get SERIOUS!

The culprit.  Vernon works on the well disconnecting wires and pipe, preparing to pull this well ONE MORE TIME.  See him down there??

Our extra muscle.  We’ve hooked a chain on the well head to help pull all the pipe and wire out.  Don’t forget, the pipe is full of water, so anything to help Vernon’s back is very welcome.  Vernon will pull the pipe… I’ll drive the 4 wheeler out and stretch out the pipe as it comes out of the ground.

Here’s the new submersible pump.  It’ll never look so nice and shiny again!  Expensive little thing.
Vernon went to school to be an electrical engineer.  That comes in handy sometimes!
The pipe lays out clear to the 4 wheeler.  Johnny and Vernon work on a splice.  Notice the snow… yesterday this was muck on top of frozen muck.  I prefer the snow on frozen muck.
An extra hand helps out in the cold.  The temperature was in the teens.  Glad I wore my coveralls!
Our thirsty calves wait by the water trough to see if we’re successful.
The tank needs an adjustment.  It’s float valve was sticking due to all the rust and gunk we’d loosened up in the pipe.
Coming in for a gulp is our “special” steer.  He’s never been “quite right”.  Droopy ears and flattened head… he walks with his head over-extended.  We think his sight is damaged.  I think the sac stayed over his nose too long when he was born and he is brain damaged from lack of oxygen.  We’ll never know.
As long as we stood there, the new pump worked fine.  Success!  Well, at least until we wake up tomorrow and check it again!

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