Snowy Photos

The girls and I took a walk today.

I bundled up.  The thermometer said 5.  I don’t know if I believed that!
I picked on Dally making her my model for the photo shoot… Elsa is too much of a shadow dog on walks.  It may just be because I’m breaking trail through the snow, but part of it is she’s an English Shadow!  I need one of those camera holders that sticks out about 5 feet… like Survivorman carries!  Then I could take photos of Elsa at my heels!
But Dally is a pretty fair subject.  She’s getting used to me stopping and focusing and shifting position.  Before this first shot, she was standing sideways to me…  I told her to stay and got down on my knees to take the photo straight across… She sighed and did this.
I think her eyes are rolled back in her head!  What does that mean when your dog rolls her eyes at you??  Is it that a teenage phase?  And, don’t get me wrong… if she wants to interpret “stay” as “down-stay”… is that so bad?  Or is it a doggy drama queen in action?
And look… if she’d been back a foot… she’d have been in the sun and made a perfect portrait.  But no, she had to stop in the shade.  Very uncooperative.
Move your little tush over and let the sun shine on your coat, Dally.
Listen to me.
She just ignored my instructions.  Well.  We’ll work on this personality quirk.
Maybe another year of posing… and she’ll be a trooper!

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