Since beginning this blog, my new internet friends have asked me… what do you *DO* out there for fun????

I assume you mean when we’re not laughing hysterically at someone that just got bucked off their horse or fell in the mud or had poo splatted on their face?  Uh, gee… let me think!
Well, when the kids are here… we do play games on occasion.  Scrabble, chess, Set, PickTwo, multiple card games.  Oh, Spoons is my favorite if we have lots of people!
We go to the local football and basketball games.  Ten Sleep kids are always outnumbered.  We’ve played the past two years of girls basketball with 5 girls.  We’ve played 11 man football with 12 boys.  We’ve played 6 man football with 9 boys.  Our kids have lots of heart and lots of try and we do win some games too!  They amaze me sometimes.
Very rarely we go to the movies in Worland.  But the extra 2 hours of travel time make it more and more unappealing.  Before I got married, I was a big movie-goer.  It was one of the things I missed most when I moved out here.  Now there’s Netflix!
I love to dance.  Ten Sleep has a street dance over the Fourth of July so those two nights, I’m having a blast!  Once in a while, we might go to a dance somewhere else… but I never hold my breath for that anymore!
So… I’ll admit it.  Ever since they developed satellite television, I’m happy.  Well, kinda.
Television Notes:  How can the TV show “24” be so addictive?  What does it say about your personality when DH insists Jack’s a bad guy and he’s gonna do bad things… and I believe in the goodness of Jack Bauer!?
How do I switch from “24”‘s intensity and drama to the lyrical “Dances with Wolves” in a split second – and love both of them?
Why do I insist on watching the movie “Signs” just to scare the snot out of myself about every 6 or 7 months?  I watched it the other night and refused to put my girls in the kennel – they had to spend the night inside because I was too scared to go out in the dark to lock them up!  Why do I do that with calving season (and therefore walks in the dark every night) coming up?
Why does the only political/news show that I have the slightest interest in get a timeslot of 5 pm EASTERN??  Do they not realize there are 4 time zones in the lower 48???  Gees, that ticks me off!  Or when they list Eastern, Central, and Pacific Time Zones… HEELLLLLOOO There’s Mountain Time, too, you dorks!

Can I just tell ALL the networks that their little (and getting bigger) ads and promotions in the corner of the TV screen are VERY ANNOYING and they should get rid of those stupid things!

I’m so glad I got that all off my chest…

So, no ballet, no “theatah” (except school plays!), no fancy schmancy restaurants… no elite parties…only one museum in Ten Sleep…
Uh… what do you city folk do for fun really??? Really, be truthful here!  You watch TV, too, don’t you???

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