Photo Editing

As I struggled with the topic for today… I found myself falling back on older photos that I didn’t get to share with you for one reason or another.
Instead of giving them to you straight from my pocket, I actually edited these.  Straightened some, adjusted some color.  I really really want a new Photoshop so I could REALLY play, but I haven’t seen hide nor hair nor wing of the Photoshop Phairy lately.  I’d use my old computer but it seems to be having mouse problems… someone set a trap or something… the mouse refuses to work and so do the other mouses (would it really be *mice*?) that I have.
If you see the Photoshop Phairy could you please let her know that my AWESOMENEWMACCOMPUTER needs some Phairy dust and software???  Or she needs to wave her wand over my OLDCOOLIMAC and get that mouse to work!
Ah, well…
Storm clouds coming in over the herd… squint… there’s really a herd of black cows way over there… see ’em?
I would have liked this one… but doesn’t it make you wonder where Bob’s head disappeared to???  OK… we won’t go there.
There’s those blog contests… like Wordless Wednesday and Skywatch Friday… I’m tempted to join Skywatch just because… like Montana… Wyoming is Big Sky Country and lots of my photos have sky shots.  Like this one.  I liked this one.
The sun was going down, but Elsa was working well and so these OOPE photos have that level of blurriness I’d usually trash… but I like this one.
And this one.  Doesn’t she look fierce?  “I’m gonna GET you!”
But best of all I like this one.
But this time I’m gonna call it “artistic”!

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