I placed an order over the internet today… just a simple little reorder of supplies for my favorite craft.

Throughout the years, I’ve had many interests… cross-stitch was a favorite.  Bead and leatherwork still call to my hands…  I’ve braided reins and leashes from parachute cord.  I drew pen and ink cards and sold them at craft fairs.  I painted with airbrush.  I dabble with watercolors.  I did one headstall with cotton hitching (instead of horsehair!).  I’ve made some simple quilts, though sewing can aggravate me quickly!  Clay covered boxes and decorative pens fill a need.  Many more crafts have visited for brief periods of time. Then there is photography.  And writing.
I have, however, enjoyed one craft for well over ten years.
And what, you ask is pysanky?
Well, I’ll start showing you tomorrow.
Or the next day.
I have to help feed in the morning, so we’ll see if any OOPE photos turn out.
And then, Pysanky 101!

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