Pysanky Monochrome

OK… If you are just getting into pysanky… this is a quick and fun learning experience.
I just do this design freehand, and vines and leaves seem to be an easy subject for me.  I often recommend that people draw what they doodle… are you a star person or triangles?  Do you outline letters or draw faces?  This is for FUN, so don’t worry about straight lines or correct angles!
I once did an egg for my aunt who is an amazing quilter… and chose the “wedding ring” design.  Oh, my goodness!  Round interlocking circles of various colors on an oval egg.  It was a nightmare!  It looked amazing when finished, but I thought I’d lost my mind!
These monochrome eggs are SO much easier!
Grab another egg and let’s go!
Scribble a few lines on what’ll remain white.
Place in the dye for 5 seconds.  Yes, 5 seconds.  You get a nice mossy green.  I LOOOOVE green.
A few more leaves… and vines… and dots… blah, blah, blah… and another visit to the dye jar for about 15-20 seconds.
OOOOH. Nice green… again.  More leaves, vines, dots… Dye for a minute.
Now if I wanted to I could put it into black dye and have a nice egg.
I want to be very different.
Get a jar, 1 1/2 cups of water, and – ta-da! – A TABLESPOON OF BLEACH!
Where’d my green go??
It turned to yucky brown.
I didn’t want yucky brown.
I wanted gorgeous green.
Like sagebrush.
Or moss.
Or leaves.
Or pine needles.
Remember our theme?
It took me 20 minutes…
I’ll try again…
Ignore the one on the top right… the other’s are better representatives of the idea.  Even though the polyurethane yellowed.
You get the idea!
Go for it!

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