Long Day off the Ranch

Well, this sure was a day that got away from me!

First came the typical routine…
Then I made a peach cobbler and lunch…
Then S. showed up to give me a copy of her book and visit for a bit… Which was loads of fun – but way too short of a time.  We both decided we’d visit when the time constraints weren’t so tight.  And thanks for the book, S.  I’ll start reading it tomorrow!
Then Johnny took me to town so I could retrieve Brandon’s pickup…
Then I changed clothes and off we went to a 50th birthday party for one of Vernon’s oldest friends.  That was fun.  Unusual for us, as well.  We’re pretty stuck in the mud about going “out”.  We spent all night there.
Which makes for a boring blog entry.
One thing I realized, though, as the night wore on and we visited with people we haven’t seen in quite a while… Most people asked me about my kids.  “How are the boys doing?”  “Victoria liking her job?”  “The kids coming home for the weekend?”
Then one person… and then another… asked me… “How are your dogs doing?”
As my smile would widen and my eyes light up, I was amazed that the question would mean so much to me.
That other people actually “got” it.
That I had moved into another realm of belonging in this world.
That I wasn’t just my kids’ mom.
That I have other interests that are important to me as well.
That *some* people recognize it for what it is, and care enough to ask!
It made me smile.
It made me want to share.
Thanks for listening.

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