Meanwhile… Back at the Ranch

I’ve taken a bit of a detour lately, focusing on my hobby of pysanky.  Thanks for putting up with that… and I may include a photo of the next egg or two I create, just for kicks, in the future.  Sharing what keeps me creative is definitely part of my life…
But, I figured it was time to get back to the ranch and ranchlife!
This time of year routine becomes the norm.
Vernon spends his days feeding cattle.  He hauls grain to the heifers in the lot behind my house.  Johnny grains the heifers in the lot by his house.  Vernon and Johnny meet up, load the tractor with bales of hay, and go off into the various fields to feed hungry bunches of cows and bulls and a smidge for the horses too.  Johnny then continues to the other place to feed with the bale feeder… and Vernon pitches hay to the calves in the lots.  Every day.  -45 degrees or 45 above.  Wind, snow, overcast, or icy.
It is a rhythm that can become either suffocating or a welcome foundation to base your days upon.  It depends on your attitude.  The procedure rarely varies for weeks.
Next week change will come.
Next week we bring the heifers up by my house to prepare for calving season.
Next week we’ll string electric fence.
Next week we’ll vaccinate the heifers with ScourGuard.
Next week we’ll keep a close eye on them.
Soon we’ll have babies.
Soon we’ll lose sleep every night.
Soon we’ll watch joyful calves frolic with tails held high.
Soon we’ll enjoy one of the best parts of ranchlife… getting nice calves on the ground, healthy, happy, and captivating!
Until “soon” comes… chores are waiting.  So is Lucas.

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