Neighborly OOPE

We helped the neighbors vaccinate their cows.  It was the perfect opportunity to share more OOPE photos that show a different setting!

First of all, notice anything different?
Yup, our cows used to look like this when Vernon and I got married.  We had a straight Hereford herd too.  As the years passed we felt the market wanted more cross breds and got into the Angus cattle as well.  Now it’s hard to find a red cow on our place!  Our neighbors, however, have stuck by their Hereford roots!
As often happens on OOPE photos, my telephoto button was accidently pushed… thanks to gloves and cold fingers.
The accident actually provided some neat shots.
Like this.
And this.
Not so much this…
But on the other hand, I like this…
Just because I love this dark mahogany color… it is also found in willows… and if I was brave, I’d paint a room this color.
Our neighbors had a calf… a preemie…  and I HAD to get a quick shot of him.  Because we don’t get red babies anymore… and they are SO CUTE!  And how can you not love something that just can’t keep its tongue in its mouth where it is supposed to be!

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