Spring Day

Although our calf count is now up to 8 calves… I have yet to get a good photograph of the little buggers.
I’ve taken my camera along… and had to put it down due to the high amount of mud and poo being splatted while we sort heifers.
Or the light has been bad.
Or somehow we do the work and then, zap! it hits me and I remember I was supposed to have been taking pictures.
Or the angle is wrong.
Or they turn out blurry.
Or I’ve been gone or been preoccupied and time is passing…
I’ll really try to get some photographs tomorrow.
I keep expecting to have multiple babies coming… so many of them look like they are ready to pop.
You hear them grunting and sighing.
Milk has filled out their udders.
One side of their bellies is 6″ higher than the other.
Tails swish from side to side in their “uncomfortableness”.
I hope you don’t mind waiting.
Take a seat.
Enjoy the scenery.
Then close your eyes.
And before you know it,
pictures of darling calves will appear.
Close your eyes…
I mean it!
I see you!
You’re cheating!
I’m telling!

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