Heifers 2

What a wonderful springlike day… 

snow melting everywhere…
runoff turning the creek from clear to red…
and more babies!
Our cows have now started having babies as well, so within two weeks we’ll be surrounded by calves – bucking, playing, running wild with tails in the air!
For now, I have the second video part of our “Heifer Chores” that we do every night.
The first video shows how we gather the heifers and put them in the corral.  Here we look closely at their udders to see if they are “bagged up” – full of milk – ready for babies.  If not, they can spend the night outside the corral.  If they are close, they’ll stay inside the corral, so if they have problems calving, we can help them.  I like this bunch of heifers… they are very calm and sweet… which helps Dally learn to slow down and relax while moving them!
Oh, and I also point out where I hit Dally with the axe the other day

Heifers 2 from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

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