‘ve known for a while now… and I did post it on my website… but I’ll make the announcement here…

We’re gonna have puppies!
The due date is March 24th.
I’m thrilled.
Elsa is feeling… well… fat!  Slowing a tad, too.
I will get to enjoy them in good weather as opposed to her last litter… that grew up in winter!
I am currently looking for some more working homes, but have yet to advertise except on my website and the English Shepherd Club website.  Kind of difficult to do that since I don’t know how many she’ll have, but it is good to get a headstart!
I struggle with names.
The last litter had Wyoming style names from the poem called “This God-forsaken Land” found at the bottom of the page here.
This litter… should it have old-fashioned names to help celebrate our centennial of ranching??
or more Wyoming/western names again…
or just favorite character names…
or Indian names…
About half of the puppies I named last time kept their original names…
So what do you think?

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