Spring Storm

A spring storm has hit the Cowboy State, with snow and below zero temperatures.  That meant Vernon was kept busy checking the cows and calves… making sure a newborn didn’t “freeze down”.  A newborn is covered in wet slime… so landing on frozen ground can actually freeze them down to the ground… like your wet tongue on a frozen flagpole!  Their mom has to clean them up fast and the calves need to stand fast as well.
We had a hard pull on a heifer… a very large calf.  He hasn’t acted normally since he was born… and we’ve given him a bottle full of milk replacer to help get him started.  Vernon milked her out this morning just for the colostrum too.
As usual… my buddies accompany me.
This time they had to wait outside the corral as I checked a nervous mother.
I can’t resist any shot of my gorgeous gals as they wait patiently.

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