Spring Returns

I imagine I could use that title “Spring Returns” multiple times… and I might!  But after a couple of nights with below zero temps and 5 inches of snow, today’s temp of 20+ degrees and sunshine feels mighty fine!
I admit though… I like this photo.  I took it the same time I took the one of Lucas imitating SnugasaBuginaRug.
First of all this cottonwood tree has CHARACTER.  I’ve photographed it multiple times.
Second, the heifers and babies are included, and since I’ve been running the “heifer” theme lately, it seemed appropriate.
Third, with the glowering cloud, it is unusual.  Skies here are clean and blue and you can see the mountain.  (PS, what is it with the weather reports when they list visibility as 10 miles – I can see across the Big Horn Basin and that’s a couple hundred miles at least!)
So, I’m sharing this photo even though it doesn’t reflect today’s weather!

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