Ten Days and Counting

Ten days and counting…
Butcher’s Foothills Elsa, (United Kennel Club Registry, English Shepherd Club Registry, Canine Good Citizen, MDR1 mutant/normal, OFA Good, light shaded sable female, born 5/10/2004) is gravid, fecund, replete.
Gravid is a great term for her.  Heavy, burdened.  Slowed by the extra weight, she rocks to achieve a standing position.
Fecund.  Prolific.  Fruitful.  Oh, my.  She had 10 pups last time, who knows what number awaits inside?  I tried to listen to their heartbeats the other day… I need more practice…
Replete.  Full.  Satiated.  Gorged.  Oh, yes.  With more to go.
I feel her pain.
I remember those days.
We count.
And wait.
And *I* can’t contain myself…
I sing to her and stroke her back and feed her an extra tasty treat and commiserate.
For they are my friends and my confidantes, my saviors, my protectors.  A shield to conquer unruly livestock… a warm body to snuggle… a foot warmer… a persistent shadow… an unbidden head reminding my hand of its presence… a happy recipient of my attention.  They are my English Shepherds.

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