Eight Days and Counting

I’m excited…

 did I tell you that?
And Elsa grunts and pants… and squeaks when she breathes at the right angle.
She wants to go in the morning with Vernon, but I deny her that… thinking that jumping on a hay wagon is something that overly pregnant dogs shouldn’t do!
She still goes on walkabouts with the rest of us, though a quick dash after strange smells and a possible rabbit flush leaves her winded and she returns to my heels.
She helps put heifers in at night… though last night with 4 dogs turned into a wreck because *someone* believes fast is good…  When my touch left Lucas’ back, he believed that meant he could go too.  Boomer came on the scene last and joined in.  Dally wouldn’t stop even when the heifers was corralled.  All were put into a firm down-stay and were miserable as I, alone, put the last 4 heifers inside.
I hope she times it right… I’m busy 4 nights a week now… and hate the thought that she would whelp and I couldn’t share in it.
And names… I still don’t know…
But did I tell you I’m excited??

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