Two Days Old

They already look fat… how can that be?
I try not to bother them too much…
I check on them when I feed Elsa 3 times a day… which by the way, she and my other dogs have flat out rejected the Exclusive Chicken and Rice dog food I bought last week.  I used to feed it all the time, then have switched to Loyall (which they love – but it is even more expensive).  So I thought, well, Exclusive is a tad cheaper, but I need alot for Elsa and the pups when they start eating, so I went back to Exclusive.  Nope.  No way.  They may eat 1/3 of it.  Even Elsa when I knew she was starving after having her pups.  Even with hamburger drippings on it.  I had to get a neighbor to pick up some Loyall in town for me… and Elsa is back to eating.  She had pancakes and gravy this morning… and frozen ox tail last night in waiting for it to arrive… Could I really have 4 picky eaters or should I think something is “bad” in it?
Back to puppies.
It is cold.  20’s and 30’s with wind chill.  I don’t want to pull them out of their nest and their heat to oooh and aaaah… so I peek.
I pulled one out just to take his pic and compare it to Birth Day Photos…
Birth Day photo… OK… I had to choose one you can’t really see… figures.
A blurry photo of the same puppy.  I swear it is twice as big.  No, I haven’t weighed them, but shees!  if you could see them… their ADG is tremendous!  Good stock!

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