Big Sister

Dally is confused.  She woke me up the other night at 2 am with a “barking fit”.  Turns out she was telling me Elsa had gone into labor… but I ignored her… at 2 am, I try to ignore many things!
Her best friend has suddenly turned into a “bitch”.
Any attention she asks of Elsa is rewarded with a curled lip, a direct look with both ears tipped back just a smidge, an outright mouth on her ruff or her snout…
Dally tries.
She “wallers” (Wyoming for “wallows”) and rolls and licks and tries every submissive position in her repertoire.
All to no avail.
Elsa, though extremely tolerant during the birth process, now defends her pups with everything she has.
Dally wants to help.
Dally wants to sniff.
Dally wants her mom back the way she was.
Through my repeated visits to Elsa the other day, Dally was allowed to be closer.
To everyone.
She literally would try (quite sneakily *another Wyoming word*) to climb up my body.  In my lap.  On my side.  At the back of my legs.
She wanted attention from me – for reassurance – to compensate for the loss of Elsa’s.
It would eventually become too much and I’d have to lift her away.  She would do her best limp dishrag imitation.  She was a pain.  45 pound limp dishrags aren’t the easiest thing to move.
She passed on going feeding with Vernon the first day.  The past few, she’ll go for a bit, then return early to check on Elsa.  To whine at the door to be let in… where she’ll watch me for a bit… then lay down and relax.
Her life has turned upside down.
I hope Elsa lets her “babysit” at some point…
Big sisters need love too.
Experienced daddies, like Lucas, just know to stay away!

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