Even though…

Even though you’d think the entire ranch has come to a standstill to watch and ooooh and aaaah over Elsa’s litter of puppies… of course, that isn’t true.
Thanks to Vernon and Johnny’s hard work, the cattle are still being fed…
the calves are still being born…
and tagged…
and reunited with their mommas if the situation warrants.
Which has been tricky with the weather we’ve had.
Our new bulls arrived.
We vaccinated our yearling heifers while the boys were here for spring break.
Lucas and Dally kept busy doing what good dogs do… defending the ranch from the dastardly overpopulating cottontails…
I helped Vernon pull a breech calf today… and it lived!
Spring is here… even if the weather doesn’t know it, the robins, bluebirds, killdeer, sandhill cranes, and blue herons do!

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