This last blizzard stopped me from going to Casper and seeing my sister and brother-in-law.  They are up from Texas… just in time to enjoy a few inches of snow and howling winds.  Believe me, the winds can howl in Casper!

Winds have been stronger than usual here… and there’s snow back on the countryside.
I keep checking web cams around the state to see if/when the weather is coming or going or settling in.
Here’s Worland… which is 45 miles away… many times it never snows there and we get buried.  It’s where I do most of my shopping.
Then there’s this camera of Cloud Peak… though it is on the other side of the Big Horn Mountains… it is a pretty view… at least in the summer!  There’s links there to other web cam sites as well.
Don’t forget the highway department’s website for road conditions… Choose your route… Usually Powder River Pass and Wind River Canyon are closed when blizzards hit… meaning the only way to come into the Big Horn Basin is through Montana… which was nasty last time we drove that way!
Then for fun… go to Yellowstone National Park webcams.
Looks like the storm has let up temporarily… think I’ll go sneak a peek at the pups… and if the weather cooperates tomorrow, I’ll take their week old photographs and post them on my website.
Another storm is due Wednesday… no foolin’.

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