The Zone

For the women out there… (sorry, guys… estrogen area ahead!)
Do you remember “The Zone”?
For those of you my age… we endured childbirth the “natural” way… no drugs, nada, nothing.  My oldest, my daughter, took forever!  My middle child was a large baby boy with a round head.  My baby… I “zoned” on him…
I had this place where I managed to get to… and really… honestly… it was a good all around birth experience.  The Zone helped.
But with all three of my kids, since I nursed them each until they hit 6 months of age (and that first tooth…yowzee!) occasionally I could zone while nursing.  Whether it was estrogen or endorphins or whatever, it doesn’t matter.  I could just zone.
And I want you to remember that experience, if you ever had it.
Because these photos will take you back.
And make you giggle.
‘Cause if you’ve ever been to The Zone, you can SO relate to these.


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