Not Puppies

They’ve arrived!
Nope, not puppies… that was last week.
This week’s celebrated arrival is my brand spanking new spiced up hickory kitchen cabinets!
If you’ve been here long enough, you know we’ve been working on a kitchen remodel.  There are tons of photos about it… demolition, new sheetrock, and lots and lots of mud.
That all was put on hold while our cabinets were built and shipped.  They could have been here last week, if that week’s blizzard hadn’t turned them around at Wheatland.  This week’s blizzard slowed them down some, plus the fact their big truck died in Buffalo, just 2 hours short of delivery.  But they made it.
So… do  you like them???
OK… We couldn’t help it either… Here’s a base cabinet with the new floors and the paint color…
Rather spiffy, I think!
But seeing as how we’re all friends here…
I’ll share this pic, too…
I share this because their audience demands it… but I admit… it wasn’t until I was ready to post this that I noticed the poop on the one pup’s head.  See up there at the top?  Yecch.  So much for my sweet contented photo… I mean how can you sleep with poo on your head?? Really?  Never let it be said that my blog doesn’t reflect *real* ranchlife where poo is everywhere!

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