Test Drive

I went to a good friend’s house yesterday afternoon for a test drive.
I’ve been on the lookout for a new horse, and he’s been helping me.
My dream horse:
         6 or 7 years old (the stupid has usually left by then!)
         Short enough I can get on…(the stirrup keeps getting harder to reach for some reason)
         no buck (duh…)
         good right turn, left turn, and whoa (the most important is WHOA!)
         has an idea what a cow is… (a horse that can read a cow is important here)
         can relax and be mellow… (a nervous, side-stepping, head tossing horse is a PITA)
         and if “flash” is available… I prefer buckskins!  (never had one… everyone wants color)
My friend has this horse.
He even saddled and bridled her for me.
She’s four… hmmm… kinda young, kinda got that 4 year old stupid about her…
Short enough
He says there’s no buck in her… but you know, I’m a dude, he’s a cowboy…
good enough on right, left, and whoa
I’m not sure on the relax and mellow thing…
Cows… That’s why she’s here and I’ll ride her in the next few days…
This girl’s got a lot!
Just look at those wild blue eyes…
Just for the record…
I hitched that brow band for my friend.
It took me hours and hours and I was gonna make one for me, but it takes hours and hours.
I just used some cotton cord… and it matched his saddle pad back in the day, but he’s a cowboy and goes through saddle pads… so now it doesn’t match anything.
That’s probably more of a cowgirl thing anyway… guys don’t care.
Like I said… lotsa flash.
I’m trying her behind cows… because flash doesn’t get you there… and get the job done.
But I had the nicest time.
We rode for two hours for FUN!  I can’t remember the last time I rode a horse for FUN.  We talked and laughed and looked at spring coming to Wyoming…
I could have ridden for two more hours.
Thanks, S, I’ll see if she’ll work for me!
Just can’t get over those eyes…

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