Bruner Draw

This is Bruner Draw.  Named for the man who homesteaded with a small dugout located on the skyline to the right of the most left juniper tree… the fenceline here separates our private ground from BLM.  This is the “badlands”.  The green in the bottom of this draw also hides a boggy mucky mess that horses (and I) hate!  A little seep keeps this bottom green most of the year.
Today, fortunately, the cows walked on across without hardly a glance at the tempting green grass.
Bruner broke horses for a living… so above his dugout was a corral.  I took my metal detector there last year, and was happy to find all sorts of trash… much of it horse related, buckles on tack, rings from tack… plus a coffee cup, Prince Albert tobacco cans, tin cans, pieces of wood stove, bedsprings, a tineless fork, a bent spoon.  He’d laugh if he saw how excited I was when these treasures came to light!
Bruner was said to have spotted a cavalry saber hanging in a juniper tree while chasing horses one day.  Too busy to stop, fearing the horses would get away, he dashed onward, swearing he’d come back to find it.  He never found it again.  I look when I ride through those trees…
So now you know where trouble can happen… and a dog can earn his food!

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