The major difference with this litter and the one in 2007 is that without 6 or 8 inches of snow to keep them confined.. this litter is EVERYWHERE!
They are all over my lawn (and pooping all over it too!)
They even sneak under a fence next to their wood shed home.
They are at my back door.
They are in my flower beds.
They are in my garden (though nothing is planted yet, it is still too WET!)
I am EXTREMELY nervous when Vernon rides his 4 wheeler through the yard.
None of this was a worry with the last bunch until the final week… they could traipse through the deep snow on their own by then.
They seem to be more active… and they eat more, I swear!
They are exposed to many more sights, sounds, and new experiences than the last litter.  Which is good for them!
Here’s Bristol learning that sticks sometimes come with dirt, loose bark, and other icky nasties attached.

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