Oh, So Close to a Perfect Picture!

I was this close…  [   ] note the size…
*this* close to taking the perfect picture yesterday.
Well, maybe not technically or artistically for some people… I’m no Ansel Adams!  But when it comes to *MY* category of “working cow dog photos”, this was was almost there!
Taking photos of working dogs is HARD!
There’s sagebrush in your way.  (This IS Wyoming)
The angle is wrong… (I’ve TONS of butt shots… not photogenic usually!)
They turn out blurry.  (Fast dogs and fast cattle!) (And where is Elsa going??? there’s another steer out of the shot she was going for…)
They are too far away.  (I forget how far away the action is!)  (Squint and you can see Elsa and Dally on the trail at the bottom of Willow Creek… that’s as far as I could send them.. they’d get that far and come back to me… little turds… so I had to hike up to the halfway point and *then* they’d go kick the cows out further… we need to work on that!!)
There’s too much sun/glare on the lens.  (I have no glare guards for my little camera, and they make my big camera *that* much bigger to pack!) (See the butt shot above)
Of course, if I had a bigger camera/lens/whatever I know my pictures would be so cool… I drool over other people’s huge lenses… I took this pic OOPE style at the Cody Horse Sale… the camera lens was scraping the ground in this shot, of course, you can’t see it because her leg is in the way, but I’d *LOVE* to have a lens like that!
My photo from yesterday that is *almost* perfect…
Just a smidge out of focus.  But look at Dally’s ears as she jumps over the sagebrush.  You can read our brand (A bar A).  I didn’t even cut off the steer’s nose or anything.  There is no cropping or editing here… ah, just SO close.  Well, I think I need to go back out and take my good camera this time and see what I can do… just tell Vernon I *REALLY* am just kicking cows off the creek, not working my dogs or playing photographer!  It’ll be our secret!
For a heading shot… this one wasn’t perfect either!


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