Father’s Day – Good and Bad

The day started with news that Vernon’s Uncle J. had passed away.  He was a nice man and will be missed.
The weather today was gorgeous again.
I felt better after a bad night with a splitting headache, barking dogs, and a bedroom too warm to sleep comfortably.
We decided on a picnic to our mesa pasture to celebrate Father’s Day.
Getting ready to go, we call the dogs to get in the pickup.  Lucas doesn’t show.  Lucas IS ALWAYS here with me. We take a while and look for him but decide to continue with our plans and I try to hide the silent tears of worry that slide down my face.
The mesa is gorgeous.
Daniel spots elk antlers by the side of the road… the find of the day!
Our hotdogs are quickly cooked over a campfire… my second one fell in the fire *twice*… guess I didn’t need seconds anyway!
I wander about with my camera and dogs as everyone else naps… photographing the canyon needs a wide angle lens… I’ll try to put them together in Photoshop…
Returning home after a couple of hours, I go in search of Lucas.  Fearing snakebite, or coyotes, or mountain lion… Vernon found him in our calving shed.  Ganted up and looking miserable.  Day before yesterday he was acting constipated… and I neglected him yesterday due to my own exhaustion from riding.  Now he was in pain and I knew the treatment he’d need.  Poor sweet thing.  He put up with it and if he’s not better by morning, we’ll visit the vet.
My kids all came through with decent gifts for their dad…
I helped Daniel work on his car… spray painting and holding bearings/pullers/troublelights/wrenches/vicegrips seems to be my forte.
I found out a friend from New Zealand will be visiting this September… my goodness, we met 30 years ago… and haven’t seen each other in person since!  That will be GREAT!!!
This was a rollercoaster day.
Daddy, if you’re listening… I think of you often… and how my kids would have loved your stories… and how I’d have asked your opinion on remodeling the Mills house… and how you would loved to come fish our creek… and… 27 years later… I still miss you terribly.

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