Town Yard/Ranch Yard

My folks always had a gorgeous yard…
We’d edge trim (remember those hand held clippers???) and power rake and haul compost and haul sand and mow and water and weed and plant and transplant and fertilize and what ever else was deemed necessary for a fantastic yard, flower beds, and garden.
I learned an amazing amount of information that way.
My yard in the country… it’s a little different.
Downwind from a field means I’ll never ever ever get rid of the dandelions in my yard.
The fence around my yard has to withstand cattle and horses and deer and almost a moose one year… and oftentimes the fence looks a little worse for wear.
I concede.  Weeds win.  They always do.  I try though.  Every year.
The water for my lawn comes from a pump we put in the creek.  We have to wait until after high water in the spring before I can water my garden and lawn.  No walking to the faucet and just turning it on.  Oh, and don’t forget the time spent priming the pump or adjusting the pipe in the creek to suck enough water… or unplugging the impeller. I never used to know what an impeller was.
Dogs drag various disgusting parts of dead animals they find into my yard for snack time.  This winter it was a dead porcupine.  I am still finding quills in my dogs.
My lawn must be hardy enough to withstand pickups and four-wheelers and the occasional tractor being driven on it.
Uninvited guests sometimes leave hoof prints.
Sometimes they are invited guests… if we’re not done working and we can come to the house for lunch… horses get to trim my grass.
Unfortunately, I need to go out with a shovel and do some clean-up work now.
Don’t ever complain about your dogs creating yellow spots in your lawn… believe me, a horse makes a bigger impact!
P.S.  Brandon’s favorite joke when he was five: Do you know what you call a cow that eats grass?  A lawn-mooer.  In the country… that’s true!!!

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