If Wishes Were Horses…

Although my wish for the day would have been to attend a stockdog clinic… in Pavillion, Wyoming (2.5 hours away) from Elvin Kopp (his website is here)… instead we took half our cows to our mesa pasture.
When I first heard about the clinic, I knew the date would be iffy…
But just once…
I’d love to go to a stockdog clinic.
By myself.
(With a dog of course!)
I’d like myself and my dogs to improve.
I worked Lucas in the morning… but knew he couldn’t make the entire trip.
So, I replaced him with Dally…
which puts Elsa out of sorts…
but two dogs of mine PLUS Boomer is asking for trouble.
I might have semi-control over my dogs, but put hyper barking Boomer in the mix and chaos soon reigns and I sound like a jerk, losing my temper, and yelling at my dogs.
If I can get away from Boomer and have one dog… we do pretty good.
Of course, there’s never a witness to that… only when they misbehave.
I had to tie Lucas to the mailbox today with my horse hobbles.  Lucas hasn’t worn a collar for a while, so bailing twine and hobbles came to my rescue.  I was sent back to get the horsetrailer after we had gathered the pasture and trailed down the road 3 miles.  Lucas was tired and I had 2 more miles to go at a trot… so he was tied up.  Forlorn and unhappy and exhausted.  He looked awfully happy when I returned!
But someday…
I want to improve myself and my dogs… and I want to learn from a good clinician.
So, be warned…
My wish list starts:
Stockdog Clinic

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