Don’t know how the ships at sea feel… but the .4″ of rain here has created mud and soggy hay.
Don’t laugh… .4″ is a fair rain here… we only get 14″ in an entire year here!
I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it… but my father-in-law, Johnny, is a NOAA weather observer… he’s tracked the weather here for over 50 years.  Officially, he is “Ten Sleep 16 SSE” and if you are a weather  aficionado you can search for him and find out his readings!
Though the rain has put a damper on the haying… it’ll make the rodeo this weekend tolerable (hopefully!).
Usually, we sit and sweat in the heat, disdaining the covered bleachers for “tourists”… or those with young children.
The majority of locals back their pickups or flatbeds up to the rodeo grounds fence and hope their shade tarps don’t catch too much wind!
Me, I’m planted by the chutes, close to my ambulance buddies, partly to help out (if I stay away from ice cold beverages) and also because it is the best place to take photos.
Oh yes, neverfear!
The next few days, if my social schedule allows, I’ll be posting MANY photos of the 4th of July celebration!
It’s all VERY small town.
But it is VERY FUN, too!

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