The Setting

The setting for our centennial party is around “the white house”.

This is the original homestead building built by Joe Henry and added on to by the Greets.
Usually, most people see it from the “white house” side… like here.
But on the back side is the log cabin part.  The white clapboard part was added later.
We’re partyin’ on the log cabin side!
It sits on a rise… the better to withstand flooding… so behind me is a flat, green “lawn”.
Here it is looking south…
This one is looking north to the corral and barn.
This area will be full of tables and chairs and hay bales and people.
It is about 20 degrees cooler here than out in the sunshine.
By 5 pm… this entire area, including the white house, is in the glorious shade!
It’ll be perfect!
Oh, look!  It’s my house… across the field… I never take pictures from this angle… it seems weird!
And, of course, the rimrock… out of the south gate, across the bridge over the Nowood, supervising all!

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