P.’s Parable

P. participated in the Kids’ Rodeo last weekend.
Though she doesn’t have a horse of her own, she has access to horses through relatives.
It takes a little effort to prepare and ride in the rodeo… and P. did well.
P. is being raised by her aunt and uncle… they have really stepped up and most people think they are her parents.
P. took part in the Potato Race.
That’s her on the right with the blue headstall and reins…
She’s a long ways from the pan…
But she wants this!
This is the final heat…
She’s won one round…
So in this one, it is the first three kids to get a potato that will place first, second, and third.
The reach is a looonnnngg one!
That was close!
Look at her face!
She repositions her horse…
Because she REALLY REALLY  wants this win!
Her focus was intense once again…
no boot remains on the top of her saddle.
One kid is successful and she’s on the ground!
Go, P., go!
The stake goes in her mouth and before I know it…
She’s managed to climb aboard again…
And she’s back at it again.
This parable is incomplete.
P. got third place… even after falling off of her horse.
I was yelling too hard for her to take her last successful photo.
I think she’ll remember that day.
I will.

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