Late Branding

Usually our neighbors brand before we ever do…
Johnny has always let the calves grow a little before stressing them with a branding.
When I first arrived on the scene here… our calves were much smaller… and we waited until July to brand them.
Now that we raise Angus… our calves are huge by July!
We brand in May.
Sunday our neighbors requested help for the 50 of their calves still unbranded.
It is August, in case you haven’t been paying attention.
When we arrived… we were the branding crew.
Vernon to rope.
Me to vaccinate.
The boys to wrestle.
M. for record keeping.
H. for cutting the bull calves.
G. & D. as owners and therefore branders.
Needless to say, my boys had their work cut out for them.
They had this one down once… almost!
They had to try to do it again…
Finally, they were successful.
I’m very glad I had another job…
The stress, the work, the difficulty was written in my boys’ faces throughout the branding.
Once again, my boys made me proud.
Working hard.
Not complaining.
Knowing how to “put their back into it”!
I give them two large “ATTA, BOYS!”

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