Lucas’ Paw – Pawrt Two

In February, I posted about Lucas’ paw… and received the most comments to any post I’ve ever written.
I tried most of the suggestions…
zinc oxide and calamine…
other miscellaneous ideas…
But Elaine and Sal, two of the commenters, suggested Schreiner’s Herbal Spray.
What the heck, I spend SOOO much on this dog… might as well order some.
Of course, by then, it was almost June, or thereabouts…
I receive it in good time…
Read the herbal descriptions… and think…
You know… there’s someone *who shall remain nameless*… who is suffering from athlete’s foot.  She tries all the over the counter creams, sprays, powders, but every summer wearing boots constantly in the heat, it reappears.
At this time she is suffering… two deep bloody cracks have appeared between her toes and they are tender and stinging.
Sorry to inflict similar pain on you, my dear readers, by sharing this secretive and delicate matter… but it is an important part of my story.
So, like any practical rancher, I try it on myself *she who shall remain nameless* first before I put it on Lucas.
Definitely an “ouchy” sting to it, but not that bad.
In two days TWO DAYS mind you, my her athlete’s foot is almost gone!
I was astonished.
Spraying it twice a day and nothing else and it is almost nonexistent.
This was a photo I took in February.
I took this one today.
This is after a month or so of treatment with Schreiner’s.
Not magical.
But it IS growing back!
NOTHING has worked as well.
I NEVER thought he would grow pad back in the summertime without confinement, drastic treatment, e-collars, everything a dog would HATE!
I spray it twice daily.
Wrap with vet wrap just to keep him from licking it off.
If he is going to walk with me or work, he does get his duct tape boot just for protection.  Often it is just a wrap or two to prevent it from catching on rocks.
The crack on the top right is from losing a boot on a short day of work.
It is still painful for him, but we are PROGRESSING.
I will update PAWRT THREE in another month and see where we are.
Thank you again for your valuable input!
Lucas says “Rowr orowroroar”.
Licks and wags.

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