Red Tail Hawk Floating

Yesterday was my 28th wedding anniversary…
For many years we poured Warbex on this day… don’t know why it worked that way… but I’m very glad we don’t do that anymore… Warbex is a pour on insecticide for cattle.  It worked great… it just smelled bad.
Warbex (or that day) used to give me a massive headache.
Now we use Ivomectin or a generic pour on… the same day we preg test.  That happens Labor Day.  Stay tuned.
Then I remember the year we were on our way to the movies in Worland… ignoring the lightning strikes from a massive thunderstorm… hoping we’d get enough rain to put out any fires that were started.  It didn’t work… and we fought fire the next day.  I think that was the year it burned 15,000 acres and came within a quarter of a mile from my house…
Or the one wildfire we responded to on our anniversary… Somehow I got left in the old firetruck as the guys walked away to fight the big fire.  Tiny grass clumps still burned around me, smoke wafted around, glowing in an apocalyptic scene.  Exhaustion and a migraine put me in the cab to try and sleep… I still ended up puking out the door despite my best attempts to relax myself and my headache away… I still give thanks to the fire chief who insisted Vernon take me home at 4 am or so.
So yesterday’s cattle drive in 96 degree heat was not so bad considering…
Just remind me to wear spurs when I ride Panama from now on, will you?
Today… <sigh>
My boys returned to Laramie to continue their college education.
I miss ’em already… but I’m getting better at hiding the tears that well up as they hug me and drive away.
Oh, I won’t miss the cooking, young men eat A LOT… but I will miss their laughter and jesting…
the brilliant and fast insights of Brandon…
the opinions and ideas of Daniel.
Once again, it’s me and Vernon.
And four dogs.
And you.
And a red tail hawk floating in the sky…

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