Kaycee Challenge Dog Trial

Now yesterday I admitted my love for my breed of dogs… English Shepherds… but I still admire the working Border Collie.

If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have driven 2 hours to Kaycee and the sheep dog trials…
I didn’t get a program…
but let me assure you the contestants and audience came from all over the world.
The judge himself was from Northumberland, England.
That’s him… in the Wranglers and cowboy hat and pearl snaps and big belt buckle… and… errrr… do they REALLY look like that in Northumberland?  I think not!
Welcome to Wyoming!
My photos won’t due the action justice, but… I haven’t even looked at my video I took yet!
The finals for this trial consisted of two 300 yard lifts… crossdrives… sheds… and penning.
You can see the details on their Kaycee Challenge website.
A few dogs had trouble “looking back” and finding their sheep for their second lift.
Few dogs succeeded at this crossdrive…
the little tree panel on the left gave most dogs a rough time…
Shedding and the location of it and handling of the two bunches was where individual handlers and dogs showed different techniques…
Body language spoke volumes here…
Then there was this “OOPS” moment…
this dog placed last because he gripped an escapee…
but the good news was…
the same handler has two dogs in the finals.
Most dogs appreciated the cooling tubs of water after (and even during) their runs…
Oh, the handler whose first dog gripped?
He won the whole thing with his second dog…
Good dog, Ben!
Thanks, Kaycee… it was a kick!

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