Lucas’ Acupuncture

I thought I’d share some of Lucas’ acupuncture treatment he received a few weeks ago on my Casper trip.  This is by far not all of his appointment, which actually took almost 2 hours… but I believe it is remarkable how he took it all in.  We went to Ten Mile Clinic in Casper, Wyoming.  The vet/acupuncturist also worked at Girl Scout National Center West and then lived in Ten Sleep for a while.  Amazing, isn’t it, how things come around?

I think it might have helped him… but he walks/skips/runs so weird it is very hard to tell!  My concern is how his front shoulders are dropping lower and I’m sure he suffers after working, so I wanted to learn some acupressure points to help him out.
As long as my mom was willing to pet him on his head, he would have stayed there all day!

Lucas’ Acupuncture Treatment from Carol Greet on Vimeo.






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