Wood Fires Comin’ Up!

The boys are home for Christmas break and we’ve kept the labor intensive jobs waiting for them.
Vernon bought a new chainsaw… so Daniel’s sawed and Brandon has split some really great fir trees logged off of our mountain pasture.
This log splitter was given to us by Vernon’s Uncle A.  Uncle A. helped us remodel the house we live in now, back when my kids were small.  As a small repayment, we’d split his wood for him, and after many years he just left it here as a gift.  Uncle A. was a great guy, ready to tease me about my name, or the fact that I was born in Oklahoma, or anything else he could think of!  He was also a Pearl Harbor survivor and I think of him every December 7th.
Look closely, and you’ll see Brandon’s breath in this photo.  While it isn’t warm by any means, it sure beats the temperatures for last week!
We now have more wood in my wood shed… more in the calving shed… more in the Mills’ shop.  Yay, boys!
PUPPY PHOTO OF THE DAY… Just a smidge too big…

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